Premium Junmai Daiginjo Umakuchi    純米大吟釀芳醇旨口

Premium Junmai Daiginjo Umakuchi 純米大吟釀芳醇旨口

Seimai Buai 精米步合: 50%


Sake Rice:100%Yamadanishiki



Alcohol 酒精度:16-17%


Sweetness 日本酒度:Medium-dry (SMV-1.0)


Acidity 酸度:Medium(1.4) 


Umami旨口度:Medium +


Body  厚度:Medium+


Flavor 口味:This sake is the top notch brew within Taiko’s Junmai Daiginjo series. It is  rich and complex in flavor, with lots of depth. You will find taste of ripe banana, white flowers, and a creamy after taste. It has achieved the perfect balance of dryness and acidity. 


Includes WASHI (Japanese paper) Denim Sake Bag with the bottle. 


Recommend  Pairing/建議配搭:

Sushi, Seafood, Kaiseiki, slow cook, light flavor meal.