100% Real Orange Sake  100%純橙酒

100% Real Orange Sake 100%純橙酒

Ingredients:Taiko sake x 100% Real Orange from Shijuoka x Orange Zest  x Bamboo Sugar 

材料: 大湖清酒x100%静刚橙汁x橙皮x冰糖 


Alcohol 酒精度:8%


Sweetness 甘口:medium-  


Acidity 酸度:medium 


Body 厚度:medium-


Flavour 口味:This orange sake light in texture, freshness of orange, and a zesty finish.  


Recommend  Pairing/ 建議配搭:Recommend to drink alone with or Without ice as a ready-to-drink cocktail or a dessert beverage.